We breed American/English Labrador Retrievers.   All our pups are 6th generation of GMPR SIR HERSHEY OF SURREY from the APLA Hall of Fame,  he was one of the first ever pointing labs.  All our pups are started on pheasant & duck wings,   introduced to gun fire,  water and raised on a top of the line grain free puppy food.  Vaccinations & dewormed up to date.  Our spring & summer litters are treated for ticks.  We can personally deliver or meet you half way,  contact for details.

We do not remove dew claws on any of our pups, removing them causes carpal arthritis,  makes their wrists more susceptible to breaks & affects their balance and ability in the field. They use their dew claws alot & especially retrieving & working. Removing dew claws was a thing of the past done for show dogs originally & for looks only in the Labrador Retriever breed specifically.  We breed hunting dogs.  The Labrador uses it’s dew claws for climbing out of icy ponds when hunting & retrieving.  Our pups only get the best & keeping them intact for use in the field & hunting is what’s best!